Kurt Kiser


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Introduction for Christmas Program at Cactus Theater, Lubbock, Texas. For Fourteen years, Kurt has performed at the Cactus Theater, and on numerous occasions during those years, has served as master of ceremonies for musical events. This is an example of m.c. work during a recent Christmas Show. Outside of the Cactus Theater, Kurt has been an m.c. at events all over West Texas, big and small. The role of the m.c. is an often over-looked talent, but it’s an area in which Kurt excels. The master m.c. can not only introduce the acts as required, but more than that, be there when things to wrong, as they often do during live events. Whether he is called on to stretch, while a prop is being prepared, fill time while a change of clothes is being made, or simply to cover an equipment malfunction, Kiser is always ready and makes the audience feel right at ease. He is indeed a master at keeping the show going, and his ability to ad-lib makes for some often hilarious segues into the next act. Kurt rarely has a one night stand. He is asked back time and time again, by companies and organizations who employ his services in this capacity.