Kurt Kiser



Performed at Cactus Theater (Lubbock, Texas) Kurt Kiser’s versatility can best be illustrated by witnessing the variety of characters this man has portrayed over the years at the Cactus Theater. This excerpt is taken from a production entitled “West Texas Music – The Play” in which Kurt played a bus driver named “Harley”. Kiser has played a gay barber, an Indian chief, a newscaster, a bell-hop angel in heaven (don’t ask), a truck driver, a bus driver, a cowboy, to name just a few. And it’s even possible you’ll see a striking similarity to Kurt when his “twin sister” Kurtina makes an appearance at a Cactus Christmas Show. More serious roles such as George Banks in “Father of the Bride” or Norman Thayer from “On Golden Pond” are also on Kurts resume. From comedy to drama, Kurt makes it work to entertain and touch the audience.