Kurt Kiser


Everybody has a story to tell.

Kurt Kiser uses wit, wisdom, and an incredible ability to connect with his audience as he weaves his way through past life experiences.  Through laughter and tears Kurt illustrates his expertise in Human Relations and Personal Motivation to prepare his audiences in Leadership and Lifestyle Management.  Kurt is also a spokesman for several commercial companies.

Kurt motivates and inspires, using laughter and tears, and always leaves his audience better prepared to face their future. His 15 years as a news. sports & weather anchor inspired “Being a Newscaster is for the Birds”, using experiences from the media and parlaying that into life lessons. For ten years Kiser was the radio & TV voice of the Permian Panthers football team. The Mojo team that was showcased in the feature film “Friday Night Lights” led Kurt to talk about the Spirit of MOJO (Motivation, Organization, Jubilation and Opps for life’s mistakes) He was the keynote speaker for the 2002 PHS graduation and has shared this same speech with hundreds of high school students in Odessa, Lubbock and throughout the South Plains and Permian Basin of Texas since that time. Equally motivating, but drawing more on his post-media life in marketing and advertising, Kurt expands on a theme from the movie “Quigley Down Under”. “I don’t know where I’m going, but I don’t want to be late”, urges audience members to use action, not procrastination, in determining their life’s course. Kiser is very candid about past mistakes, and how his faith has been instrumental in helping him to forgive himself for hurting others, and disappointing family and friends. The honestly, shame and humility Kiser exhibits in “The Grass is Browner on the Other Side”, tells the story of a broken man who is continuing to put the pieces of his life together and who wants to help others on the road to recovery as well. You will rarely hear a more heart wrenching and at the same time inspiring account of recovery and forgiveness.