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Kurt takes the silver lining from every day life events and molds them into a way to motivate, encourage and inspire you.

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“I’ve had a lot of jobs over the years, and every one of them gets back to one thing:  The key to success is communication.  That’s why Kurt Kiser Communications was created….our goal is better communication.  I want to help you communicate better with your audience.  That audience could be your customers, your students, your employees, or your team.  Everything starts and ultimately ends with communication.  What will I be communicating?  How to get more out of life and how to have more passion in our daily activities.  We can’t just be alive every day, we need to thrive to be alive, and find our own motivation to guide and inspire us.  Thanks for checking out Kurt Kiser Communications.  I look forward to working with you in the future and taking care of business!!”

Kurt Kiser


Don touts Kurt Kiser as one of the most talented mainstays of the Cactus Theatre concept and credits him for a lion’s share of the great fun audiences enjoy.

Don Caldwell

Producer / Owner, Cactus Theater

“From many years of sharing the stage with Kurt, whether as George and Nina in “Father of the Bride”, “On Golden Pond’s” Norman and Ethel Thayer, or even as Bubba, the Bellhop and Honey Bee Sue Ann in the hilarious multi-performed “Heavenly Country”, I think it’s his unpredictable comic style that not only creates a professional theatrical product that fellow actors admire, but also the magic moments on stage that audience love.”

Jane Prince Jones

Director & Fellow actor, Theatre

“I have had the unique experience to work with Kurt Kiser since 2003. Together we have produced scores of television commercials for my company and his proficiency and aptitude in delivering my message has been a principal factor of my company’s success in every market are in or have entered for over a decade. In addition to Kurt representing my company in Texas, Colorado and New Mexico, in 0ver 65 markets, Kurt now has similar commercials airing from coast to coast for other companies who recognize his true gift in speaking. Kurt Kiser is an outstanding personality, particularly organized, reliable, extraordinarily animated and one of the most charismatic individuals I have ever encountered.”

Richard Davila, II

Owner, Livingston Hearing Centers

“Kurt Kiser STANDS & DELIVERS like no other spokesman we work with. He has a gift of being relevant, passionate and convincing, no tele-prompter needed. As a spokesman or an emcee, Kurt delivers WOW every time!”

Jim Wilson

Advertising, Fort Worth Ad Agency